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    If I had been a boy, my parents had talked about Michael, Douglas, and Lincoln. If I had been a girl, they were between Audra and Heather. As I understand it, my aunt actually suggested my name (Angela). I quite like my name and am not keen on Audra or Heather.
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    If I was a boy I'd have been Nicholas and I was almost Natalie or Natasha, I am Nicole...
    I guess my parents had a thing for 'N' names back in '81!
    My mum swears she had no idea how popular Nicole was at that time or she'd have definitely called me one of her other favourite names, being from a small town I was actally the only Nicole until I went off to high school with about 5 others!

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    My almost name was Shanna Elizabeth but my grandmother told my mom I would never learn to spell it. Little did she know I would be able to spell Czechoslovakia by age 8.... My name is Shannon Lee. I love it bc my middle name is after my dad Leon. I hate t bc it's unisex. Nothing frilly about Shannon. I loved the name Elizabeth growing up and my mom now calls me Shannon Elizabeth Lee usually bc she says it suits me. If I were a boy I would have been Jonathan. My grandfather's name was John. I used Jonathan as one of my son's middle names bc I've always liked it. In high school I decided my name needed to be more girly bc it was too common and unisex I went by Shae for a few years. I liked more feminine vereions of my name like Shea or Shannelle or even Shannyn. I won't choose a unisex name for my children. If I were twins my mom says she liked Emma/ Emily and Eve/Evie. I think being an 80's baby named Evie would have been awesome. I always thought my name was much too common.

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    very happy with what I ended up with, as my mom liked Lance or Layla

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    When my Mum was pregnant with me, my parents were choosing between the names Sarah and Kelly for the longest time (Mum loved Sarah and Dad loved Kelly). Eventually, my mum won that argument and I'm very glad! I recently asked my Dad if he still likes the name Kelly (I'm currently considering names for my first child) and he said he's gone right off it so, luckily, we all dodged a bullet there! Had I have been a boy, I would have been named David John (my brother's name) or Stephen John. So, I'm Sarah Elizabeth and my brother is David John. Had he been a girl, he would have been Anna.
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