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    I could have been a....

    What were the names your parents almost chose for you? Maybe some picks your other parent vetoed? If you had been the opposite sex, did your parents have any names chosen?

    My mom loved the names Amelia (after Earhart), Isobel (but I'm not sure which spelling), and Stephanie. I am a Katherine, after my mom's mom though she's with a C, and middle Anne, after my mom's middle, though she is Ann.
    I fluctuate between really liking the family connection and wishing my mom and dad had gone a little more 'out there'... I definitely wouldn't change my name now (even though I think almost every tween girl wants to change their name at some point) and i really like having a longer name with nickname options. But it is fun to think what if....
    I love Amelia and it's on my short list (and top 2 for the letter A). I also adore Isobel and would use it for a girl of my own, but it's more popular than I would like. Both of those names I really could picture myself being, especially Amelia but I'm not sure if that's just because it shares vowel sounds with Katie so it sounds a little more familiar. I don't picture myself as a Stephanie and don't care for the 'stuffy' sound of Steph (though I like Annie, also again probably bc it's like my middle name).
    I'm adopted and my parents only got 48 hours notice that i was available before taking me home, so they hadn't been thinking of names very much- I'm not sure what boy names they liked other than my older brother's name William.

    Anyone else want to share what names they could have been? I was impressed with my mom's choices of Amelia and Isobel considering how popular they are now compared to almost 28 years ago! She was ahead of the curve with that (not as much with Stephanie, hehe).

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    My parents' finalists for my name was Zoe and Amanda, which would have worked out okay, since from Amanda I could get one of my all time favorite names, Amy. I was born in Washington, D.C., and the names were ranked 58 and 64, respectively.

    My mother also really wanted to name me Florence, but some movie had come out in the mid nineties that made her unable to call her little girl Flo. I wish she had gone ahead and named me that so I could've gone by the more intrepid nns Flora or Ren. Another name they considered was Alice, after my mom's great aunt (who took in homeless teen girls and trained them to be nurses in the Great Depression- brilliant namesake), but my mom thought it was too old fashioned. And alternatives just didn't occur to them, like Allison or Alyssa (with the former I'd be Sonny, with the latter Alys).

    If my younger brother had been a girl, the only names my parents were able to agree on was Haley. I'm really glad he turned out to be Mitchell, or else my parents would have two daughters- one with a name pronounced Rainy and another daughter named Haley (Rainy and Hail-ee). Even without a sibling name that is a play on words, I get asked if my brother's name is Stormy. I tell them, "No, it's Cloudy." Most of the time, they don't sense my sarcasm.

    I've disliked my name for as long as I can remember, and my mom said that knowing my personality she would have picked Lucy or Amelia (neither names occured to her during pregnancy. Sigh...)
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    If I would have been a boy my name was going to be Frankie. The other girl option that my parents had for me was Roseanne. They finally decided on Jamee. I like my name and I'm glad that I was a girl!

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    If I was a boy I would have been Timothy. Other choices for a girl were:
    Dad: Lauren
    Mum: Georgie

    I would have preferred either of these than my actual name!

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    I was almost an Ellery

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