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    If I were a boy I would have been John Moses.

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    My dad likes very 'solid names' (if my mom hadn't miscarried, my older brothers name would have been 'Ned' Nathaniel Edward), and he always loved the idea of me being called Cate. And they wanted to honor my grandmother's mother, who is Geneva, but he didn't think Cate Geneva sounded right, but Catelin Geneva sounded nice. My mum and grandmother loved Catelin from the beginning, and they were adamant about me being named Catelin. Though kinda 'late in the game' my dad fell in love with Eve, so that was really the only other name I might have ended up with. But my mum and grandmother were so in love with Catelin, they wouldn't listen to him lol.
    Catelin Geneva
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    My mom got married at 17 and had me at 18, in 1979. She was in love with a name from a western romance novel: Dulce Jeanette. That's what she wanted to name me. Dad said no. (Thanks, Dad!)

    They both fell in love with Kristen, and that's my name. But they wanted me to go by my middle name like my mom. (Ugh. No thanks, Mom and Dad; it's a pain in the ass.) Mom wanted my "silent" first name to be Natalie. Dad hated it. So they gave me the same silent first as my Mom: Marla. Ugh again.

    If I were a boy, I would have been Justin Mark. Justin because they liked it: a cowboy name. Mark after my dad. Instead my brother got the name 17 months later.

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    If I had been a boy, my name would have been Stash. My parents were hippies.
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    I was always to be named Janine Marie, after my Mom's best friend. Her friend always went by DeeDee (random), but Mom thought her real name was so beautiful. I'm not sure I agree, I think it sounds like a New Jersey woman in her 50's :/

    If I was a boy, I was to be named Kenneth Michael, after my Dad's two brothers. My younger sister would've been Kenneth Michael too. By the time my brother was born, he was Garrett Michael. No idea what Uncle Ken did to fall from favor...

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