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    Had I been a boy a would of been Ryan. Other possibilities on the girls list were Laura, Ella and Nicole. Nicole ending up being my middle as it was my dad's favourite name but mum didn't like it. Wish I had of been Laura, but so glad I'm not Ella, it's beyond popular in my school.
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    I was almost a Kristy. My mom named my twin sister, and I'm the only one out of us four sisters to be named by our dad. He fluctuated between Kristy and the name I was given. When Mom gave my twin a very '80s name with the initial K, Dad decided not to do the "twin-name" thing and to give me my own name with its own style and sound and initial. It was very nice and thoughtful of him, but I do wish he had stuck with Kristy. My name is so horribly dated--very '50s and middle-aged (no connection to my user name)--and I never did meet another child with it. Though some of my friends' moms had it. It has grown on me though.

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    I was almost Rebecca Rochelle nn Becca...other options were Marissa and Mellissa. My mom also quite liked Kelly, but it was never really an option because it rhymes with my last name. I ended up Alyssa Danielle, fn after actress Alyssa Milano, who's character on a tv show my mom used to love to watch. I love that connection to it because it meant alot to my mom Danielle was just a filler...

    If i had been a boy, i would have likely been Anthony mom held onto that name for a son for so long (she did have a boy before me, but long story short my dad named him after himself). My mom also liked Chad for a boy...

    Overall, I'm extremely glad I got the name I was given. It suits me, I feel, and i couldn't imagine being anything else. As far as the other names on the list, I don't like Marissa at all (it was given to a cousin later), and Mellissa is alright..and I'm not too fond of Kelly... I don't really know the naming trends from when i was born, but I know Alyssa definitely wasn't a popular choice at all. Marissa and Mellissa I think really were. And Kelly...I think that fits better in the 80s, not the 90s when i was born. So looks like mom was ahead of the curve with my name
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    When my parents got married, they decided their first daughter would be named Margaret Cynthia after their mothers and their first son would be named Charles Dominic after their fathers (although Dominic was actually my maternal grandfather's middle name since my mom's brother was already a junior). However, by the time Mom finally got pregnant, two of my cousins were already named Charles, so they scrapped that idea for their boy choice. Mom's second choice was James after my father, but Dad didn't really like the idea of a junior, so he preferred Thomas, his father's middle name. I'm not sure which one they would have ultimately chosen had I been a boy since they never did have a son, but my mom sometimes refers to the baby she miscarried as J.D. for James Dominic.
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    Names in the running were Emmett, Joseph, Wyatt, and Benjamin. If I were a girl, I'd be Kathryn, called Kate...and I am! lol =)

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