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    They planned to name me Zachary or Andrew if I was a boy. My mom always knew she would have a daughter with the name they gave me but other options were Leslie, Amber, Pearl, or Elizabeth.
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    I have an older brother, Caleb Jeremiah William, and a older half-sister, Stephanie Olivia Haleigh.

    My mom loved the classics, and she wanted to name me, Abigaile Lucille Dawn.

    My dad loved unusual names and wanted to name me, Maddox Geminie Selena. I know, MADDOX!

    Soon, they agreed on Adelaide Jasmine Lee. I wished they would have added Selena somewhere in there, because Selena Quintanilla is my favorite singer ((;
    Adelaide Jasmine Lee

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    @ajxnirvana Maddox is sorta my nickname and I freakin' love it! I highly doubt I'll ever use it, but it is on my girl's list.

    So, I'm a Grace Elizabeth (or a Maddox), and if I were a boy, I would have been Harrison, except my mom's friend had a baby a few months before me and used it, so it's good that I'm a girl. They never mentioned a middle name, but I assume it would have been Eugene or maybe Michael. I sorta love Harrison Michael. Plus, I loved Harry Potter growing up, so I would have definitely asked people to call me Harry.
    Other girls names that were tossed around were Anna, Hannah and Catherine. Anna isn't my favorite, but I love Annie and plan on using it. I hated Hannah as a kid, because I knew a really mean Hannah, but it's starting to grow on me as the association fades. I love Catherine a lot, and would have really enjoyed being a "Kit" (but not Kitty!), but my parents probably would have used Kate/Katie.
    In the end, I'm glad they chose the name they did. Plus, if I do want to jazz it up, Maddox works really well.
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    My mom wanted to name me Teija or Twila, but my dad hated both of those. I really like Teija.
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    I was almost a Brooklyn, which does not fit me at all. It's strange to think that could have been my name. Another option was Autumn, which I dislike less than Brooklyn for myself, but still am not the most fond of.
    If I was a boy, I'd more than likely be Zachary.

    I love my name, and am glad to be an Amber. I can't imagine having another name.

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