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    BNG Story

    1. When you are 19, you meet the love of your life, named___________. You two decide to wait until you graduate college to marry, so a week after your graduation (you are both 24) you marry in _________.

    2. A year after your marriage you find out you are pregnant with twin boys who you name _______ and __________.

    3. When the twins are three, you decide to have another child and give birth to another little boy, you name him ___________ after your husband.

    4. A year later, your twins are four and your son is one, you really want a little girl, and you give birth to a beautiful daughter who you name_____________.

    5. Three years pass, and your children and seven, four and three and you miss having a baby in the house. You have another son, who you name___________.

    6. Two years later, your children are nine, six, five and two, and your daughter really wants a sister, so you decide to try for another child. You end up with another son, who you name___________.

    7. Even with six children, you feel your family is incomplete, so three years later, when your kids are eleven, nine, eight, five and three, you decide to have one more baby, , and this time you end up with triplets! Two girls and a boy, you name them ___________, __________ and _________.

    8. With nine children, you assume your family is complete, but your husband wants an even ten, so two years later when the kids are thirteen, ten, seven, five and two, you agree. You give birth to another daughter, who you name__________.

    9. Five years pass, and your children are eighteen, fifteen, thirteen, ten, seven and five. With your youngest off to kindergarden, you want another baby, but having finally gotten back your figure after ten children, you decide to adopt newborn twin girls who you name_________ and_________.

    10. Ten years pass. Your oldest are twenty eight, and working as ________ and _________. Your second oldest son is twenty five and working as ___________. Your third oldest is twenty three and at __________ University. Your daughter is twenty, and at ___________ University. Your fourth oldest is seventeen and a senior in High School. The triplets are fifteen in the same high school as your son. Your adopted daughters are ten and in elementary school

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    Me: Chelsea Elisabeth Parker (Wallace).
    DH: Edward Raphael Parker, Sr.

    College: Boston College.
    Edward's College: Rhode Island College.

    Bouquet: http://architectureandinteriordesign...-bouquet42.jpg
    Flower Girl:
    Ring Bearer:

    Bridesmaids: Leonora Rose Kinnear, Veronica Faith Reilly, Cassandra LeAnn Church, & Andrea Elizabeth Wilkins.
    Groomsmen: Joshua Michael Styles, Matthew Edmond Vargas, Harry Christian Romero, Daniel Alexandre Gordon, & Stephen Thomas Moran.
    Flower Girl: Savannah Rosemarie Sorel.
    Ring Bearer: Keegan Gabriel Slater.

    - Charlestown, Rhode Island.

    1. Declan Alexander Parker.
    2. Spencer Joseph Parker.
    3. Edward Raphael Parker, Jr.
    4. Sophia Catherine Parker.
    5. Levi Christopher Parker.
    6. Aiden George Parker.
    7. Sarah Rachael Parker.
    8. Paige Isabelle Parker.
    9. Emma Hermione Parker.
    10. Leona Samantha Parker.
    11. (A) Aurelia Brie Parker.
    12. (A) Cordelia Diane Parker.

    Declan's Occupation: Surgeon.
    Spencer's Occupation: Airline Pilot.
    Edward's Occupation: Psychiatrist.
    Sophia's University: Bryant University.
    Levi's University: La Salle University.

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