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    Cool Thought on My List? These are the Names You Suggested Before...

    For about two days ago, I posted a thread asking upper-class names.
    And thankfully, many berries suggested me LOTS of names.
    So now I made my list from the feedbacks, and need your honest opinions.
    What do you think of...

    Vivienne (or Vivien)

    Please, I need your help!
    Thank you so much

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I like Portia and Melisande best.

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    London, England
    If you want upper class names I'd drop Edith and Lilia.

    Vivienne (or Vivien) - I go back and forth of which I like best. Both are gorgeous.
    Clarissa - I'm not a big fan, but it's nice enough and certainly not used a lot. There's Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, and the novel Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady (depressing read).
    Rosamond - Like this, although I prefer the Rosamund spelling. There's the beautiful paintinf Fair Rosamund by John William Waterhouse.
    Helena - Beautiful. I always think of Helena Bonham Carter when I hear this name, which is a good thing.
    Calla - I think this one fits the bill of sweet upper class sounding name.
    Serena - The same as Calla, but even better. It also has this luring sound, makes me think of mermaids and sirens.
    Georgiana - Used to be the upper class name. I think it's beautiful, especially with the -ana ending.
    Portia - I like it, it's sweet.
    Edith - I don't get the sweet, elegant upper class vibe from this one.
    Lilia - Not this one either, it's a pretty name but not elegant.
    Melisande - My favourite! Really beautiful and so rare!
    Margot - I think this is pretty spot on what you want as well. It's quite rare yet familiar as well.
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    Vivienne (or Vivien) - I prefer Vivienne, lovely name, 4,9
    Clarissa - ok, 3
    Rosamond - nice, 4,3
    Helena - ok, 3,2
    Calla - a bit bland, 3,8
    Serena - nice, 4,1
    Georgiana - lovely, 4,1
    Portia - dislike, 1,9
    Edith - dislike, 1,5
    Lilia - dislike, 2,3
    Melisande - my favorite, 5
    Margot - nice, 4,6

    Upper class... Georgiana, Portia, Edith, Margot, Serena, Vivienne, Rosamund, Clarissa... but Melisande is medieval lady like.

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    thank you cristinamariane. ottilie, you're really helpful!
    and theclocktowerofjoy, what do the numbers mean? anyway thanks
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