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    What is your favorite variation of Ann?

    What is your favorite variation if Ann? Least favorite? Why?

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    Anja is my favorite Ann variation.

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    Not sure if this counts, but I'm sold on Annabelle these days.

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    Chana/Hannah is my most favourite. It is the name from which Ann(e) is derived. I have loved it since I was tiny. My grandfather had the masculine version and both the male and female ones run in my family. Hannah feels accessible and easy for English speakers of all backgrounds while still having more of a callback to my culture than Anne ever will.

    I also rather like Annabel, though I'm not particularly fond of Anna. The -bel gives it a bit of pop.

    My husband doesn't like either Hannah or Annabel, which is somewhat annoying to me. Left to my own devices, I would never use both but I would use either.

    Annie is my least favourite, would prefer Anne/Ann to Annie which always sounds nasal and piercing to me.

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    Annabel, my daughter's name, is my favorite, though I suppose technically it derives from Amabel. I chose it for it's spunky sweetness, along with the Poe poem. My least favorite is probably Ann because it looks incomplete to me without the final e.
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