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    1. A clothing brand: Calvin Alexander and Stella Vivienne (found here:

    2. A Scottish name: Callum Gordon and Mairi Isobel

    3. A virtue name: Merit Justice and Felicity Blythe

    4. A name that contains the letter “W”: William Wesley and Gwendolyn Winter

    5. A famous musician: Francis John and Adele Victoria

    6. A Victorian-era name: Henry Charles and Beatrice Mary

    7. A trendy, top 20 name: Alexander James and Ava Natalie

    8. A noun: Frost Harbor and Iris Wren

    9. A name with four letters or less: Seth John and Cora June

    10. A surname: Mason Wilder and Blythe Darcy
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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