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    Thoughts on these?

    Here are a few girls' names I've been thinking about lately. Can I get some thoughts on each one? Also, I'm open to suggestions based on these and the names in my signature. I'm not too picky about names "going together," so feel free to think outside the box.

    Georgia -- I love George so much that now I like Georgia for a girl. As someone from Alabama, I wonder if it wouldn't be kind of odd though?
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    Felicity & Lydia are lovely, Althea & Georgia are meh (I much prefer Georgiana) and I dislike Winifred.
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    I definitely share your love of vintage names I love a lot of these!

    Felicity - I love this one. I think its so wearable for a virtue name. It seems new and fresh and energetic but still with a sense of history.
    Winifred - This one still feels a little clunky to me. I picture a 19th century British housewife still
    Lydia- Lydia is a new love of mine. I think Liddy is adorable and Lydia feels Emma did 10 years ago...a wearable antique.
    Georgia - Not my favorite version of the George feminizations. To me it just feels too much like a place for me to get past. I prefer Georgina or Georgiana with the nn Gigi.
    Althea - Feels very greek to me, so maybe not as wearable as some of the others on your list. But then again I'm not very out of the box on these things.

    Some one my list that might fit for you:

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    Felicity: I'm not crazy about this one because someone ruined it for me. The only Felicity I've ever met basically defines the term "white trash" so I'll probably never like this name.

    Winifred: This isn't my style, but I could see it working for someone else. I think that Winnie is a cute nn, however. Combo: Winnifred Cora.

    Lydia: I actually like Lydia a good bit, but it's so old fashioned it seems out of date to me. A lot of people like that, though.

    Althea: LOVE Althea. It's a gorgeous name that I could see aging well. I really like the sound of Althea Jane when I was trying to come up with a combo for this name.

    Georgia: Like pp, I prefer Georgiana, and maybe since you live in AL, it would be a better choice for you? Georgiana isn't as tied to the state. Georgiana (or Georgia) Helen would be a good combo.

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    Felicity - Lovely, but I'll always think of the WB/CW television show that I found very terrible. But, it's spunky, sweet, energetic, lovely.

    Winifred - So I'm obviously a bit biased. I love this one, I really do. A number of people on here seem to find it clunky, even those who love the rest of the vintage set, but whenever I mention it in real life, people adore it, and I tested it quite a bit before putting it to use. I'd sort of be talking to friends like, "I'm vaguely thinking about Winifred but not really because I know everyone will hate it because it's terrible," and everyone was like, "Whoa, Winifred is beautiful, what are you talking about? It blows all your other names away!" Said aloud, it's quite regal and stately, but also has a tad bit of whimsy to it because it's SO very odd. I can think of no other names that end similarly (girl names anyway). It's truly in a class of it's own in regards to sound. When the nurse started calling her Winnie, though, I had to shut it down, and we've been calling her Fritzie or Wendy when we want something shorter and less...mature.

    Lydia - Not a fan, because it's the opposite of Winifred, in that it's not really unique in sound: Olivia, Sylvia, Amelia, etc.

    Althea - One of my favourites, clunky but kind of mythical sounding.

    Georgia - Have you thought about Georgie, perhaps? I agree with the others that Georgia is my least favourite of the girl George names. (WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE GEORGE?!), but I do admire its brevity, hence Georgie.

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