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    I love Tallulah. I don't like Talullah or Tallula or Talula, they all seem misspelled

    Love Shea. Shae looks girly and Shay looks like a dumbed down spelling

    Love Linden (boy or girl), but Lyndon looks trendy and girly

    I'm generally averse unnecessary Ks and Zs, they feel harsh

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    I love Isobel, but Isabelle makes me yawn.

    Catharine is my favorite form of that name ...

    And yes, Elisabeth over Elizabeth!

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    I perfer:
    Grey over Gray.
    Peri over Perry/Perrie.
    Remi (girl) over Remy.
    Cate/Cait over Kate.
    Huxlee over Huxley.
    Henri over Henry.
    Mica (boy) over Micah.
    Forrest over Forest.
    Reide (girl) and Reid (boy) over Reed.
    Storrie over Story/Storey. (Or is this too trendee, now that o ththink about it?)
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    To the general question, my answer is yes. The spelling of a name is vastly important to me. For example...I much prefer Kathryn over any other variant. As for Connor/Conor, I like Connor simply because my computer says that Conor is spelled wrong. If my name was spelled wrong every time I would try to type it into some sort of electronic device, it would drive me up the wall. Same with Collin. I like both Collin and Colin and my computer accepts both of them as real words, so we're talking business there.
    With some of the other names that have been brought up...

    - I honestly thought that Ciara was pronounced Sierra. Mostly because I know a Cierra and a Ciara, both pronounced "Sierra" (which I prefer spelled Sierra, if it matters). I never would have guessed it being Kira. If it were up to me, I would name her Kira or Kyra.
    - I'm the exact opposite with Isobel/Isabelle, haha...I definitely don't dislike Isobel. Since joining Nameberry, it's grown on me. But to me, Isabel > Isabelle > Isobel.
    - I like Elizabeth better than Elisabeth, because it's just more familiar to me. I don't mind Elisabeth though. But generally, people will spell it with a "z" by instinct (or at least, that's the way it is where I live) and I don't want her to have to say, "That's Elisabeth with an 's'."
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    If a name is "misspelled" on your computer, you can easily fix that by right clicking and selecting "add to dictionary". I say "misspelled" because sometimes a name that comes up as misspelled really isn't misspelled, such as Conor, which is the original spelling of Connor (which also happens to come up as misspelled on Google Chrome). Jolyon (a real name) is supposedly misspelled, as is Tallulah. So, just because a computer says a name is "spelled wrong" doesn't mean it is.

    For me, it's Isobel, Isabel, then Isabelle. I greatly prefer the first two spellings over the last one (by the way, it says Isobel is wrong).

    Mae is my favorite spelling of May, but I do like May as well.
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