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    Morgana Iris Zephyrine (Iris means rainbow, yeah? Goes for the idea of the dawn after the storm, then a lovely wind sweeping through)
    Morgana Prosper Zephyrine (Prosper as in a more femininised Prospero for the Tempest)
    Morgana Oceane Zephyrine

    Morgana Zephyr Nephele (Nephele means...cloudy? So kind of works.)
    Morgana Zephyr Calypso (sea nymph/sprite)

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    I love Morgana Tempest Zephyrine! I also prefer Zephyrine to Zephyr. I also like the suggestions of Morgana Elysia Zephyrine, Morgana Zephyrine Aurore and Morgana Zephyrine Dawn. Some random suggestions:

    Morgana Zephyr Anemone (In Greek mythology, Anemone was a nymph who was turned into a windflower - I feel like it evokes imagery of the sea)
    Morgana Calypso Zephyrine
    Morgana Zephyrine Maris
    Morgana Zephyrine Thora (thunder - also sounds more "normal" which I remember you saying your boyfriend wanted)
    Morgana Zephyr Roxana
    Morgana Zephyrine Ariel
    Morgana Zephyr Ondine
    Morgana Zephyr Melusine
    Morgana Waverly Zephyrine

    So there's a little bit more to think about! But your names are always so beautiful; I know you will get it right!

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    Hooray, another one! I don't know what I'm going to do when you actually name your child and this is all over...go into creative name withdrawal, I'm sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I picture Morgana very much as waves crashing against cliffs, stormy weather; rainstorms and thunder and lightening, and then the calmness afterwards. Also dawn, which has to be the most magical time of day.

    What I've been thinking this far is:
    Morgana Eos Zephyrine (sea circle/born of the sea-dawn-gentle breeze)
    Morgana Zephyr Vivienne (sea circle/born of the sea-gentle breeze-alive)
    Morgana Tempest Zephyrine (sea circle/born of the sea-storm-gentle breeze)
    I love the new imagery, so evocative and powerful. Morgana Tempest Zephyrine takes my breath away every time I look at it! I almost want to say it's the one already... veto points to Morgana Zephyr Vivienne. I too prefer Zephyrine to Zephyr, and it's a little Arthur heavy, especially if you've read Mists of Avalon.

    some more stormy choices...sorry these aren't in any kind of order
    Favonia - west wind
    Amaya - night rain
    Keshet - rainbow
    Sabiya - morning eastern wind
    Sanuye - red cloud at sundown
    Shabina - eye of the storm
    Tuule/Tuulia - wind
    Yoki - rain
    Vasavi - goddess of thunder and rain
    Aeris - wind
    Canace - child of the wind
    Nirvelli - water child
    Dooriya - the gypsy sea
    Genevieve - white wave (reminds me of Sarah McLaughlin's Silence)
    Savarna - daughter of the ocean
    Thalassa - from the sea
    Vanora - also white wave
    Nariko - thunder child
    Taima - crash of breathless thunder
    Talora - dew of the morning
    Brishen - born during a rain
    Layali - gentle soft night (pilfered from the Hespera thread)
    Amrita - holy water
    Bijal - lightning
    Chaya - shadow
    Chandra - moonlight
    Ellora - clouds
    Iraja - daughter of the wind
    Kecia - beautiful rain
    Leila - dark as night
    Ninarika - wreathed in mist
    Nisha - night
    Oditi - dawn
    Oorja - spiritual energy
    Rutuja - queen of seasons
    Sarayu - wind
    Svara - goddess of sound
    Nonoma - thunder spirit taking the form of a bird
    Liluye - soaring singing hawk
    Sedna - goddess of the sea who ruled an underworld beneath the waves and made mermaids from her finger bones (reminds me of Loreena McKennitt's the Bonny Swans)
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    You are all wonderful! Thanks for all the reassurance regarding Zephyrine, it's great to hear that people like it, especially with Morgana.

    Rosey, I really like Aurore, Alba and Aello/Aella. They're all beautiful, and I think they fit in nicely!

    Namelover, I love Klytie and Nephele. Morgana Nephele Zephyrine sounds lovely to my ears.

    Niamh, Epipole is cool! And I really like Aella, it's so pretty.

    raptreverie, Thank you for the triple love! Vila is gorgeous, Morgana Vila Zephyrine? I like the Eos and Aurore ones too, it's good to get some positive feedback.

    cosmo, I do like Iris, it sounds beautiful in the middle there. Boyfriend is back and forth on Iris though, he vetoed it some months ago because of a girl he once knew, then he remembered her name was Erin not Iris so it was kind of back on the table, but now he's not sure. Such an idiot. I love Calypso, but seeing as Morgana is a witch name (and some think a bit questionable) I don't want to add another half baddie mythological character to her name.

    Lily, Maris! Oh my, I had forgotten about this name. It's so beautiful, definitely a favourite! Thank you! I also love Waverly, it makes me so happy (also would be nice to add a more cute name amongst the seriousness of Morgana and Zephyrine). I do love Roxana as well, but a bit repetitive with two -ana endings.

    Sessha, oooh so many good ones! As you might already know, most of these are too much for boyfriend, but I love them!! You're a star! Approved by boyfriend: Canace, Amaya, Liluye, Layali and Talora. I'm glad you like Morgana Tempest Zephyrine. It feels very powerful and strong minded.

    We also like Maia (one of the Pleiades), Liriope (a naiad) and Olwen (I know this has nothing to do with the sea or water at all, but it would calm down the name and add a certain amount of gentleness. It means white foot prints and belonged to a woman in Welsh mythology who was so gentle, lilies grew wherever she went).
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    Solana. it means eastern wind. Morgana Solana.

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