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    Thank you, this is helpful.

    Clocktower, thanks for the link! I love Elysia, it would be lovely in the middle.

    Kala_way, I like Lei it's very sweet!

    mclola, I had been thinking about Nimue, but I thought it would be weird with two big arthurian names for one person. ,Same with Fay (Morgana le Fay)I like Undine, Anemone and Nyx!

    Kitty, thank you! I think they're pretty great together. I love stories about people with names I love, especially when they belong to elderly gentlemen! Maybe Dawn is the way to go, Morgana Zephyrine Dawn has got something.
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    What about
    Lana/ Alania (calm water)
    Alba (dawn)
    Fioralba /Rosealba (flower/ rose of dawn)
    Roxane (dawn)
    Aurore (obvi)
    Galea (calm, like the sea)
    Lee (as in shelter from the storm)
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    Morgana Vesper Zephyrine
    Morgana Zephyr Fiamma
    Morgana Kairi Zephyrine
    Morgana Noor Zephyrine
    Morgana Zephyr Ione
    Morgana Darya Zephyrine
    Morgana Zephyr Nephele
    Morgana Gaia Zephyrine
    Morgana Klytie Zephyrine (Klytie was an ocean nymph in Greek myth)
    Morgana Clelia Zephyrine
    Morgana Astra Zephyrine
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    Lately i'm really liking Epipole, haven't seen it around anywhere though and not sure if its what your looking for here, but just for fun.
    As for 'stormy' I feel like Titania or Aella sound good.
    I love Zephyrine !
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    First of all, I love, love, love Morgana Zephyrine!

    To me, Morgana Zephyr Ondine/Undine strongly conveys the image you are describing. However, as Zephyrine sounds a bit like a smoosh between Zephyr and Ondine, it may be more "economical" to use Zephyrine with another middle.

    I thought of the name Vila, which refers to the slavic fairies who control storms, but I'm not sold on Morgana Zephyrine Vila. I do really like Morgana Eos Zephryine or Morgana Zephryine Aurore, which would both get you that imagery of dawn.
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