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    My niece was born this morning! :)

    Her name is Astoria Pearl. She was born early this morning, weighing 7lbs 10oz.

    They plan on calling her Stori for a nickname, which I adore! They chose Astoria because they like it, simply. I agree, it's a beautiful name, and Pearl is after our Grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

    It suits her perfectly, she's a little sweetheart and has a head full of blonde hair! (That was a surprise - she's really dark haired and her DH is also!).

    ~ps - I asked permission from my sister to post the baby's name on the forum - she agreed, she's actually excited to hear some feedback on the name!~
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    Astoria Pearl is darling! I normally don't like Pearl, but with Astoria, it's a winner! Also, Stori is adorable! Congrats to your sister
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    Wow! Astoria nn Stori is pretty dadgum adorable! Never heard of it or thought of it. Wow!
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    Awww congrats on your niece! Being an aunt is awesome

    I love her name btw! I've never given much thought to either one, but this combination is really cute! I love that her nn will be Stori too Such a pretty name an it sounds like it fits her
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    Congratulations! I not that keen on Astoria but Pearl is lovely.
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