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    We are still very early in, but I was thinking on boy names so I am wondering What are your thoughts on the name John? My husband's name is Giovanni and his father is Juan. All forms of John. Our other sons' have biblical names: Jonah Joseph, Levi Benjamin and Isaiah Daniel. So, while I thought about Ian (considered Ian Luke)... I am thinking Ian is going to sound off, with brothers who have Biblical names. So hubby asks, what about John Luke. I have never really considered John, but it is starting to grow on me some.

    However I am not sure how it sounds woth Luke, and hubby thinks it would be great to call him the name togetehr "John Luke". We live in the south So, what are your thoughts on John, and what are some other middle names that would be a good choice, maybe something a little fresher. We are conservatice Christians, so using biblical names are fine, but I would like the name to sound good, strong and classic Any ideas?
    Thanks for your input!
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