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    Need a smoosh name or something similar

    I'm trying to come up with a smoosh 0-combination of the names Verin and Syrena (veh-rin and sigh-reen-ah). The dad is Verin and the mom is Syrena and I'm trying to think of a name for their son. I want a smoosh name, or a real name that sounds like a smoosh of those 2 names, or any name you think would sound good as a son for those two.

    Verin is a word from a made up language that means evil. Syrena is a variation of Sirena, a Greek name which references the sirens who sang men to crash on the rocks and kill themselves. If that helps you help me ^_^

    Example -- In the girls forum, someone suggested that a good smoosh (which is also a real name) for a daughter for Verin and Syrena would be Seren. Hope that helps.

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    Severin would be nice
    Syver is a Norse name, from Sigvart meaning 'victory+protection'
    Also Sylvester. It's further off, but quite cool.
    Yves combines the first two letters of both names beautifully ^^

    I'm not very good with smooshes...
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    Oh, I was going to say Severin or Severite. Or Sven?
    Everything else I've come up with is too feminine: Svenja, Sveryn, ect.
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    Is this a real person? If so, please forget the following suggestions


    BTW, creating smushes is way too much fun.
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    Vere (there is a name, Devere, which means "a fishing place") -- might work
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