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Thread: John?

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    Hi!! Congratulations! I just saw your other post on your pregnancy. (Inbox me if you can!)

    I like John a lot:

    John Patrick
    John Lucas (I love Luke, but not with John as much)
    John Samuel

    How about Evan Luke? Evan is the Welsh form of John.

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    I really like John. It does fit better with your other kids' names. I do prefer Ian Luke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    I love Silas, but our last name starts with the "ES" sound so, I am not sure that would sound good. I also like Ezra. Ezra Luke or Ezra John.
    Ezra John is a lovely name.


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    I think that John is just too common. Try something unquie like Vincent or Asher or even Cody. Thats just what i think

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