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    Lavender Genevieve Maude- I really like Lavender and Genevieve. Not together really, or maybe it's side by side. A lot of syllables and v- sound. Maude and Lavender together sound like two color words (mauve). I would like the flow of Lavender Maude Genevieve much more, if the color thing doesn't bother you.
    Ramona Honey Elizabeth- This is sweet but the flow still isn't perfect for me. I prefer Rowena to Ramona, but I do like Ramona. I'd probably go with Ramona Elizabeth Honey since Honey is more whimsical. It seems to make a great third mn and the flow is better.

    Nathaniel Ellington- I wouldn't run the -el sounds together but I like both names.
    Theodore Atlas - Strong!

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    I think they work together, I just wanted to say that I like Ramona Honey Elizabeth.

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    I'm a little confused: Do you mean Lavender Genevieve Maude & Ramona Honey Elizabeth as sisters or Lavender, Genevieve and Maude as sisters?

    LGM & RHE feel a bit awkward together to me. I do really like LGM but, I think I like @notchinnamon's suggestion of Rowena is a better match for Lavender.

    L,G & M: Maude feels a bit like the odd girl out here. The name is so much shorter and lacks the romantic flair the others carry. I feel similarly about Honey in and R, H & E sib-set.

    NE & TA: I agree with pp's that the -el and El- from NE sounds odd together like one very long smush name. Though I do like Nathaniel Atlas and Theodore Ellington together.
    N & E: I think these two as brothers would be very handsome.
    T & A:love as a combo but as brothers I'd worry about getting a lot of "tits and ass" comments once they start puberty. Also I find the names a bit mismatched.
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    Theodore Atlas is great. Atlas is on my list! There is actually a nameberry baby with the name Theodore Atlas. Very nice! Nathaniel is lovely, but I don't care for Ellington. Ramona and Elizabeth are fantastic, but Honey is too cutesy. Lavender Genevieve Maude is very pretty.

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