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    Baby sister for BeBe -- seeking input!

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster with a question for the hive:

    I'm expecting my second daughter this July, and would like some unbiased input regarding potential name choices. My first daughter is named Beatrix Caroline and we call her "BeBe." For the new baby, we are looking for a similar mix of classic and playful, ideally a longer name with a short, fun nickname.

    Currently, our favorites include: Josephine ("Josie") -- probably the front runner, Louisa ("Lou"), Francesca ("Frankie"), Juliet ("Jules"), Dorothy ("Dottie" or "Dorie"), and Mirabelle ("Mira"). Any thoughts/ideas for names with that type of feel?

    Also, I'm a little stumped for middle names that go with Josephine. Our last name is two syllables and ends in an "-el" sound. I've been considering Josephine Ivy and Josephine Eliza -- any other ideas?


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    First off, Beatrix Caroline is lovely! I have always liked Tabitha (Tabby) or Matilda (Tildy, Tilly, Mattie etc) paired up with Beatrix. From your list I like Juliet and Mirabelle. Josephine seems like a very serious name compared to Beatrix, but if you love the name that doesn't really matter anyway. Josie, short for Josee, is a common nickname where I live, so it doesn't seem to have the same magic that BeBe does. Louisa, Francesca and Dorothy are nice.
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    Beatrix with nickname BeBe is adorable, assuming it's pronounced Bee-Bee. I love all of your choices for the new babe.

    I think Josephine is a lot more popular than Beatrix, otherwise they match up lovely. Little Josie might be miffed at some later point in her life that Beatrix got a rather rare name, as compared to Josephine. Something to consider. Otherwise, I really like it, both the full name and the nickname.

    Franceseca nn Frankie is really cute, too. I feel like Mirabelle with nn Mira has a different feel than BeBe, though? You could also consider nickname "Fritzie" for Francesca if you want something frillier and girlier (which might match better with BeBe). That's what we've been calling my little Winifred, and it's nice and zesty but sweet.

    Dorothy nn Dot/Dottie is cute, too! Dorothy and Beatrix, what a fun little sib-set!

    Josephine Ivy "Sorrel" would be really cute.

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    Beatrix Caroline is beautiful, from your list I like Josephine and Dorothy best. Personally I prefer Dorothy over Josephine but that's just becaUse I think Dottie is adorable!
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    Thanks so much for the great ideas! Tabitha/Tib and Matilda/Tillie are actually two of my favorites, but unfortunately my husband was not on board. I think my biggest hesitation when it comes to Josephine/Josie is the popularity factor. It's not over-popular (for me) right now -- particularly where I live -- but I wouldn't want it to go much higher. Fritzie is adorable though.

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