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    How do you pronounce...?

    Thalia / Talia -- I am reading Percy Jackson and everywhere I look online seems to have different pronunciations.

    Tegan -- does it rhyme with Megan or is more like Teagan?

    Aislinn -- I've always said it like Ashlynn, but I have a student named this who says Osslynn.

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    In my opinion (or at least the way I've heard the names):

    Thalia = Tar-lee-ah
    Tegan = Tee-gen (with a neutral vowel in the 'gen')
    Aislinn = Ashlin
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    Thalia / Talia - I always thought they were different; Tha-lee-ah, and Ta-lee-ah. I've also heard Tuh-lee-ah for Talia.

    Tegan - Tee-gen

    Aislinn - Ash-lynn, pretty sure your student's parents are saying it completely wrong. Likely didn't research it.
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    Thalia = thay-lee-ah (Greek name, I'm Greek)

    Talia = tahl-yuh/ta-lee-uh

    Tegan = I'm saying it like tee-gan

    Aislinn = It's Ashlyn -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thalia - thay-lee-uh
    Talia- Tall-ee-uh
    Tegan -tee-gan
    Aislinn - ash-lyn though I hear this said wrong more often than not!

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