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    Genevieve and Jetta

    I am in love with both Genevieve and Jetta as girls' names, that is for certain. This is general question; I'm only 16, but would they be too similar for siblings? Because my fave nn for Genevieve is Genna, which although it differs in looks it sounds a lot like Jetta. Any suggestions?

    (Also, I'm relatively new to Nameberry; could anyone fill me in on how to get a signature with my thread posts and whatnot?)

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    Go to settings, top right corner next to My Profile, and then click Edit Signature on the left.

    Yeah, I think Genevieve and Jetta are unusable as siblings. Jetta is a Volkswagen model. Genevieve is a beautiful, classic name. So if I were you it wouldn't be a tough decision.

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    I agree with previous post. I hear Jetta, I think Volkswagen.

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    I don't think they work stylistically at all. Jetta feels masculine and trendy while Genevieve is feminine and elegant. If my name were Jetta and I had a sister named Genevieve I would be EXTREMELY jealous of her name.

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    They do seem a bit too similar, but I'm going to disagree with the previous posters and say that I LOVE Jetta. It's the reason I clicked on this thread. I like Jetta way more than Genevieve.

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