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Thread: Ella for Eliza?

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    Ella for Eliza?

    Me again!

    Still have no idea what this little Beanie's gender is so I'm continuing on my girls name search in the meantime!

    I was wondering if you could feasibly get the nickname 'Ella' for Eliza? I don't like Liza. I don't mind Eli but it's masculine. So would Ella/Elle work?

    I'm also struggling with a middle name for Eliza, Zoe, Anya and Amelie. They're my top four contenders (but I'm open and welcome new suggestions). Could anyone help with middle names? You can use the names in my signature or new ones, I don't mind! I'd just really appreciate some more help.

    Surname sounds like Stonez (it ends in z)

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    I think Ella/Elle and also Ellie could work as a nn for Eliza. I agree with you on Eli it's too masculine.

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    I think Ella could easily be a nn for Eliza.
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    Why oh why would you give the completely perfect Eliza a nickname?! I dont get it. If you are going to call the child Ella, then just name her Ella. I personally would pick Eliza and call her........ELIZA!!

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