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    Need some reassurance! 38 weeks pregnant and getting cold feet

    My due date is less than two weeks away, and we're 99.9% settled on our little boy's name. But now I am having some second thoughts.

    Our choice is Frederik/Frederick Carl (spelling to be determined).

    I really do love the name, and the minor doubts I'm having are mostly just because I know my family won't like it. My parents were appalled when they found out my friend named her son Oliver, so I know they'll think Frederick is hideously old fashioned.

    So go ahead and shower me with some Frederick love! Thanks everyone for humoring me.
    mother to Louisa (born 11/22/2010) and Frederik (born 2/19/2013)

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    Fredrick is awesome, and I think it sounds fresh as well
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    Frederick is adorable. I prefer old-fashioned names though. And it has good nickname potential. I've found that most people who don't like a name, once they know and like someone with that name, the name grows on them.
    When I named my daughter Mckinley it was not a name I loved, but it had meaning to her dad. Now I couldn't imagine her named anything else.
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    I also love Frederick. I think its a lovely brother name for Louisa! Its no more traditional and old fashioned than Louisa, in my opinion.

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    Oh, Frederick will grow on your parents very, very quickly. Once they see their gorgeous grandson, they will love everything associated with him, including his name. For all you know they could have had a childhood friend with the name and maybe they already have positive associations with it anyway. But even if it takes them some time to warm up to the name, it will not affect their love for their grandson, and I truly believe the name will grow on them fairly quickly. He will just become Frederick to them--"their Frederick"--and they won't be able to resist getting warm and happy upon hearing his name.

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