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    Name my repressed, futuristic tough guy

    I need both a first and last name! The character in question is male, mid to late thirties, a cop/soldier type, in a position of authority. Very serious and intense, almost humorless. Big on self-discipline and authority, sees things in black and white. He isn't emotionless, but he's very repressed. He's physically attractive and involved in a romance, though, so no ugly or unpleasant names. It's a futuristic setting, so unusual names are okay.

    I'm using Dresden as a surname for now, but I'm not loving it.
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    Bump, I could still use the help! Right now the best thing I can come up with is Soren Brock. Brock is a little more "boyish" that I'd like, but it has the hard, clipped sound I'm looking for. I'd love Kirk for a last name but don't want the Star Trek association, especially since this is sort of sci-fi.

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    Dresden does seem to work. I think common, average-Joe names would work well, like Andrew, Brendan, Sam, Mike, Jeff, Brian, etc. I like to call them 90's names, the strong and silent type of names. (please vote!)

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    This guy sounds a little similar to the Headmaster on my RPG website. His name is Alistair.

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    I'd definitely suggest a change of last name as Dresden is the name of the main character in the Dresden files--and your description is actually pretty similar to him, though he's very sarcastic, he's still male, intense, a detective and a pretty tough guy.
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