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  • Maverick James

    22 24.18%
  • Franklin James

    67 73.63%
  • Gratis James

    2 2.20%
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    Help in Choosing a Patriotic Name

    We are due in 5 weeks and pretty much know our girl's name. Pretty sure it's a girl, but we want to have a boy's name ready just in case we need it. My husband is in the service and it is important that we incorporate our wonderful gift of Freedom in our baby's name in some way. Please choose your favorite from among our favorites.

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    I voted for Maverick, but I did want to add that I think "gratis" only means free in the sense of "requiring no payment" and NOT in the sense of "freedom." I think that would be "libertas."

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    Franklin by a mile!

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    I guess I should add that Gratis is my husband's Great Grandfather's middle name.

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    Maverick and Gratis are very interesting, but I voted for Franklin James. Franklin James sounds very handsome!

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