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    Have I gone completely crazy? Cleopatra nn Leo

    I think I've gone even more nuts than usual! I somehow got it into my head the other day that Cleopatra nn Leo, for a really tomboyish girl, would be cute. Obviously I'm not having kids anytime soon, but want opinions! Do you think a Cleopatra (or Cleo, for that matter) could have the nn Leo? Or is Leo still strictly a boy's name?
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    I've heard of the nn Leo on elderly folk. I'm assuming For Leona or something similar. Of course you can nn a kid anything you want, but Leo isn't really intuitive for Cleopatra. When she's young, people may or may not follow your lead and call her Leo, but when she's older, she'll probably end up Cleo. Which, in my opinion, is loads nicer
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    I just posted a very similar thread... including that headline asking if I was going crazy! Too funny! I think Leo on a girl could be really cute. I was thinking of using it with Eloise. Though it's a bit of a stretch. It could definitely work with Cleopatra, as well as Leona and Leonie.
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    I don't know....Leo is just too masculine for me to ever use. It's just something I would rather hear on a boy. I'm also not too fond of Cleopatra, although I do think Cleo is super cute.

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    I personally think Leo is too masculine, but we're not talking about naming a girl Leo. You want to give her a feminine name with the option of going by Leo, which I think works fine. If Cleopatra doesn't like being Leo she can be Cleo, Lea, Patra, Patty, etc.

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