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    Sep 2011
    August Andrew & Antonia Alice (New Years & Martin Luther King Jr Day)
    Crispin Charles (Valentines)
    Douglas David (Presidents day)
    Felicity Faith & Fraser Franklin (St Patricks day & Easter)
    Junia Jasmine (Memorial Day)
    Maxwell Michael (Independence day)
    Quay Quentin (Labor day)
    Solomon Samuel (Columbus day)
    Tilly Therese (Halloween)
    Vada Veronica (Veterans day)
    Whittier William (Thanksgiving)
    Zeke Zachariah (Christmas)
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Alaska Hero (New Year's)
    Caspian Drummer (Valentine's Day)
    Fable Wilhelmine (Easter)
    Joah Revere (Constitution Day)
    Tallulah Poet (Halloween)
    Zephyr Horizon (Christmas)

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    Ft. Myers
    Jan. 1st New Year's Day- Arielle Grace
    Feb. 2nd Groundhog Day- Cameron Drew (boy)
    Feb. 14th Valentine's Day- Cooper James or Cooper John (I haven't decided yet)
    Mar. 17th. St. Patrick's Day- Fiona Jade
    Apr. 1st April Fool's Day- Gemma Rose
    1st week in Apr. Easter- Gabriel Rylan
    2nd Sunday in May Mother's Day- Isaac Daniel
    May 27th Memorial Day- Jordyn Paige
    3rd Sunday in June Father's Day- Leah Marie
    July 4th Independence Day- Mason Rourke (Rourke is a family name and I think it flows)
    1st Monday in Sept. Labor Day- Quinten Chase
    2nd Sunday in Oct. Columbus Day- Sebastian Ryan
    Oct. 31st Halloween- Tessa Mae
    Nov. 11th Veterans Day- Viola Anne
    4th Thursday in Nov. Thanksgiving- Wyatt Alexander
    Dec. 25th Christmas- Zoe Morgan

    Keeping all of our middle names:
    My new name would be Holly Marie (April 15th)
    My mom would be Ivy Heather (May 4th)
    My dad would be Quinn Lee (September 7th)
    One of my sisters would be Scarlett Heather (October 6th)
    My other sister would be Chelsea Rylee (February 13th)
    I could keep going with more family haha but it'd be long.

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    Pomona MO
    Jan - 1-15 - A names Autumn and Alexander
    Jan - 16-31 - B names Bonnie and Brian
    Feb - 1-14 - C names Cadence and Charles
    Feb - 15-29 - D names Diana and Dempsey
    Mar - 1- 15 - E names Elora and Elijah
    Mar - 16-31 - F names Fiona and Fritz
    Apr - 1-14 - G names Georgia and Gregor
    Apr - 15-30 - H names Hosanna and Hank
    May - 1-15 - I names Ivy and Iyla
    May - 16-31 - J names Joy and Jackson
    Jun - 1-14 - K names Kenzie and Kai
    Jun - 15-30 - L names Lenore and Luther
    Jul - 1-15 - M names Melody and Malcolm
    Jul - 16-31 - N names Natalie and Nigel
    Aug - 1-15 - O names Olivia and Oscar
    Aug - 16-31 - P names Pilar and Preston
    Sep - 1-14 - Q names Querida and Quincy
    Sep - 15-30 - R names Rosalie and Roger
    Oct - 1-15 - S names Sorcha (would not pronounce it correctly I like Sorsha) and Shiloh
    Oct - 16-31 - T names Tova and Travis
    Nov - 1-14 - V names Violette and Vance
    Nov - 15-30 - W names Willow and Waylon
    Dec - 1-15 - X names Xandra and Xander
    Dec - 16-31 - Z names Ziva and Zane

    If you had a child on every major holiday that you celebrate, what would you name them?

    Here's most of the standard American ones, but feel free to add/delete as you wish

    January 1 New Year's Day Osanna Marie
    OMG, I can't believe I forgot Valentine's Day, lol - February 14th! Valentino James
    February 18 Presidents Day Dolly Madison
    March 31 Easter (or you can do 1st week of April since it changes) Joy Hosanna
    May 27 Memorial Day Araham George
    July 4 Independence Day Liberty Jane
    September 2 Labor Day Stone Lee
    October 14 Columbus Day Oceania Joy
    October 31 Halloween Rosmary Jean
    November 11 Veterans Day Patriot Jack
    November 28 Thanksgiving Day Hosanna Joy
    December 25 Christmas Day Marie Noelle
    Mom to:
    Autumn Elizabeth
    Patrick Alexander
    Nicholas Ivan

    Nana to
    Jaime Mae Michelle
    Nicholas Ivan II
    Rylie Meshele

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