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    Are these character names ok?

    I've been writing a book for a while now. I'm pretty far in yet nowhere near done (GAH!). I just added a new character and I've since been doubting his name, my main character's name, and a few others. My main character's name is very distinctive and I'm not sure it goes with her personality.

    Just an overall opinion of these names would be wonderful! Thanks!

    Sunniva Cassandra Alexander - Will only be known to readers as Sunni Alexander. Only one or two times will I reveal that her full first name is Sunniva. (I added the middle name even though it won't be known because it means "shining upon man" and her first name means "sun gift". Thought it was cute.)
    Now, I'm uneasy about her name because she's not entirely the type of character that is very "Sunny", you know? Is that a problem or a charming quirk? (Her name used to be Hanna Lizern before I changed it early on. Is that better?)

    Eric Clark - I'm not the type of writer that dumps a bunch of (reader known ) middle and last names on my characters. USUALLY middle and last names are only relevant to me unless it has a reason to be in the story. BUT, I'm also a name nerd and Eric Clark totally clashes. Again, problem?

    On this one, I keep flip-flopping between two names for the same character. One day, the first one sounds better, and the next day the second one sounds better.

    Raina Sweetfield OR Araminta "Minty" Sweetfield - I like Raina because it's feminine without being overly frilly, like her last name is. But it's nothing special. Minty was my favorite for this character, but she's the best friend "side character" of the main character Sunni. I didn't want the side character's name to overshadow or be as unusual as Sunniva. In my opinion, it does.
    I real life, it's not often you meet a small group of friends with such unusual names as Sunniva and Araminta. One or the other. What do you think?

    Lastly, Belinda is the mother character, chosen for it's meaning (means "serpent") and dated sound. The father is Bram (means "father of many") and the meaning is very accurate. Weird to have both names start with "B"?

    I appreciate any opinions you have!
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    I like Sunniva alot! Just wondering, would it be pronounced "soo-nee-va" therefore Sunni being prn "soo-nee" or is it just the spelling you are worried about?

    I dont think Eric Clark would be a huge issue unless you actually use his last name. If it still bothers you(I would be ) I dont think it would be too hard to change his last name. Lewis, Sloane, Gray, Mercer, Hughes...

    I think Arminta is a little too unusual, especially with Sunniva as her best friend. If Raina is too normal, maybe Rain? Other suggestions are Amabel, Kaya, Talia, Amalia, Leona, and Rosina.

    I think Belinda and Bram sound nice together. The 'B' startings dont bother me because they start with different sounds.

    Good luck!
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    I've been pronouncing Sunniva with a softer O sound. Like SOH-neeva. So Sunni would be similar to Sunny or Sonny. I'm aware that's not how most people pronounce it, but I like that softer sound.

    I guess I'll just have to live with Eric Clark as his name (I considered Gabriel "Gabe" as his first name when I first started the story, but I didn't really feel any inspiration for that character until I realized that he was meant to be Eric. ;P ) He's the brother of my main character so they have the same last name and Clark sounds PERFECT with the brother's name.

    Thanks for the reply!
    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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