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    Lol! These are so funny!

    When my youngest sister was 3ish, she thought that all grown men were "Dads". She used to call Cricket (the sport), "Ball-y Dads", since they were all playing with a ball! Our Dad also used to play this shoot 'em up game on the computer, and one day Mum asked her where Dad was, and she replied, "Playing "Daddies fall down"".

    I'm sure she came out with many more gems, but that is they main one I can remember right now. Can't wait to see what Leo comes up with as he gets older!
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    Unfortunately, some of the insults I hear my kids hurl at each other are the funniest. Today Will called James a "rotten banana buttcrack". Not sure if I should be as proud of the creative harshness as I am.

    One time, when James was about three and-a-half, he threatened to "harvest you like corn, and grind you into flour!" He was very imaginative and verbal for a three-year-old boy, and I'm pretty sure I remember correctly that this threat was directed at me. It's hard to keep a straight face for disciplinary purposes when this happens.

    The other hilarious one was when someone asked James what daddy had used to give him a haircut, and he replied, "a chainsaw". Daddy had been using a chainsaw to cut up a fallen tree in our backyard.
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    About a month ago, we were flipping through channels and came across the movie Joe Dirt playing on like TNT or TBS. It was already half over and I expected the boys to turn it to cartoons, but they continued to watch it for a bit and though it was funny.

    Last week we were at a restaurant, when in the middle of dinner, my three year old starts pointing at a table near us yelling "It's Joe Dirt", "It's Joe Dirt" over and over. I look over to see what he's carrying on about and try not to laugh at what I see, but can't help it. This gentleman at a nearby table looks nothing like Joe Dirt, except for the fact that he has a wicked awesome mullet going on. My husband, older son and I are all cracking up while trying to quiet little man, so that this poor guy doesn't realize what he's calling him or why we're laughing. It was so funny to me that he remembered a movie that he only watched a portion of, recognized a mullet and totally called some random guy out on his poor choice of "Joe Dirt" hairstyle.
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    haha I 'surprised laughed' (sounded like "BAH!") when I read rotten banana buttcrack. Serious fit of the giggles at that one.
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    When my sister was about three she told us she wanted to be a boy. My mom said but hunny, you're a little girl. My sister replied "I'll just buy a penis at Gabe's". Lol. Gabe's is our local equivalent of TJ Maxx. She's 21 now and very much a girly girl.

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