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    Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Kids crack me up, so please make my day by sharing the best lines your kids have come up with! I'm not a mom yet, so I don't really have anything to offer. Actually, I kind of do. The inspiration for this post came from a conversation with my sister this afternoon. She is six years younger than me, so when she was little I was old enough to appreciate the awesome things that came out of her mouth. We were laughing today at one particular line that was a hit with the relatives. When she was about three years old, she informed the family quite frankly that she wanted to be a hamster when she grew up, and she clung to this idea for quite a while. I can now report with certainty that the dream did not come to fruition, as she is nineteen and has not pursued hamsterhood, but she and I were laughing about it today. Our other sister, who works with children, then reported that a six-year-old just told her today that school counselors use band-aids to fix hearts. What adorable lines have your kids have come up with?

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    My son and I were in the barber shop waiting to get his hair cleaned up and a rather big, burly man walked in. Will points at him and goes "You have a big belly," with a huge grin on his face! Luckily, he didn't take it too offensively. He just replied, "That's what candy will do to ya, kid." Ugh! Also, Will has conversations with himself where he mocks me and my husband. They go something like this: "Applejuice?" "Noo." "Apple?" "Noo." Once he gets someone to laugh, he keeps doing it. He's quite the jokester, that kid! Can't wait to see how our daughter, Maggie, will turn out!
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    As the priest held up the bread in church today and waited for God to transform it (I know, me and my weird religious rituals :P) it was silent for about 20 seconds. My 6-year-old brother tugs on my shirt and whispers in my ear, "Rev, it's not working!"

    I've never tried so hard to contain my laughter before. I have very sarcastic/witty siblings, so I'll probably return soon with more anecdotes.

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    One of my students actually asked me where babies come from last year.
    I'm sure I can think of more; I'll add them later.
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    My three year old son got frustrated tonight over one of his puzzles. I was trying to help him, but he was angry, and he stamped his feet and and yelled, "I'm gonna go be BY MYSELF!" The he paused for a second, grinned at me, and said sweetly, "Want to come with me, Mommy?"
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