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    Any advice for starting TTC?

    My husband and I are going to start ttc in a few months and I am just trying to prepare myself. I know not all women are the same but my mom, gma, and great gma all conceived within the first month or two of trying so I am hoping that is the case with me. Sooo any suggestions on prenatal vitamins, timing with ovulation vs. spontaneity, products, random advice, or anything of the sort? I would love to hear from you!

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    I've been TTC for a year now, so here's my advice:

    * Start taking prenatals now (it's best to take them a few months before starting TTC in case you conceive straight away). Then they'll be well and truly in your system when you fall pregnant. I use Elevit, but there are lots of brands out there.

    * Download an ovulation tracking app for your phone. I use Period Tracker, but there are a few good ones. It'll tell you when you're most likely fertile and you can input other data such as period dates and when you have sex.

    * You may choose to be spontaneous for the first few months or use ovulation tests if you're more anal like me! I recommend using them for a few months so you know when you're likely ovulating and can time sex a bit better. You only have a small window to conceive each month and your app's estimation of when you're ovulating might be off. Also, they'll help if your cycles are irregular.

    * Don't use regular lube, which inhibits sperm. You can find sperm friendly ones if you need. In America, Pre Seed is a popular choice.

    * It's a good idea to lie down for fifteen minutes to half an hour after baby making sex. Gravity helps!

    * Visit your doctor for a check up. It's a good idea to check out your vaccination history. If you need boosters for diseases that can cause serious harm during pregnancy (e.g. chicken pox and German measles), now is the time to do so. A whooping cough vaccine is good for mothers to have prior to pregnancy because their immunity will be passed to baby during childbirth (the baby won't receive this vaccine until they're about eight weeks old).

    I hope this info helped. Good luck!
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    I had an appt with my on-gyn last month to ask her about this very topic! I'm going off the pill after this pack (about 3 weeks). I'll pass along the info she shared and how I am preparing....

    Like sarahmezz said, start taking vitamins now. I take a regular multivitamin and then extra folic acid to get me to 1000mcg a day. I believe the recommended amount of folic acid for women who are ttc is 800mcg. My doctor also said that a regular multivitamin is totally fine as long as you have adequate folic acid and iron.

    I have been hitting the gym and cutting out junk food for the last month. Although the scale says I've only lost 3 lbs (damn thing!), I feel and look better, which I think is important when you are going into a situation that is all about body changes!

    Also, as soon as I'm off the pill alcohol intake will of course cease immediately. We have cats too, so I will stop taking care of the cats litter boxes at the same time (yay! Love that excuse).

    Lastly, my next thought is very personal and 100% opinion. I'm a nurse, so based on what I know clinically and also watching people in my life go thru this process, I think people should be as stress free as possible during this time. Stress is the number one barrier to conceiving for the average woman. So in my opinion, if you don't have any reason to believe you will have trouble Ttc, don't use ovulation predictors or charting right away. Let your body does what it does for a few months and try not to over think it. Our bodies were made to have babies after all! If after a few months you aren't pregnant, then it would be time to look into tools to help. Just my opinion of course, but I've seen people try to over plan and over work the process and it just makes more stress and the whole process ends up taking longer! But then again, everyone is different, so do what works for you!

    Best of luck!
    Lucky mom to beautiful baby girl
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    -Start prenatals now.

    -I'll echo sarahmezz...get a checkup, make sure youre up to date at the dentist, etc..

    -I got a pack of cheap opks because my cycle was very irregular and they were a huge huge help. If you have a regular cycle, you may just try having sex every other day starting a few days after your last period.

    -You may want a fertility friendly lubricant, we used Conceive Plus, Pre Seed is another popular one

    -Know that it's completely normal for it to take several months, but also don't overthink it right away. I was positive with my weird cycles that I'd be TTC for ages, I had every herb and test and plan in place...but we conceived the first month. You just never know. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you all! This really helps hearing from people who are going through the same thing. I saw my doctor in December and she said I was good to go and to start taking the prenatal vitamins but other than that she didn't have any specific advice so I thought I would ask here.
    Sarahmezz-That's funny that you mentioned the gravity thing. I had heard that but didn't know how true it was. I've also read about just using canola oil instead of lube. And thoughts?
    imdillas- That's interesting that the app was so off. Good to know that they aren't always accurate.
    asche926- It is amazing how much better the gym can make you feel huh? I started going a few months ago and changing my diet as well and I feel amazing. I've lost a little weight but the biggest difference is I have some much more energy and basically all of my stress has gone away. I like what you said in your last opinion section. That was kind of what I was hoping to do because I am a bit of a control freak so I know if I get into the apps and tests right away then I will focus solely on those. One question. I have a cat as well and I haven't heard anything about the litter. Why shouldn't I clean out the litter box?

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