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    When I was 3 and my mum was pregnant with my little sister I apparently said to her 'Oh Mummy, you look just like Mr. Greedy!'.
    At about the same age, maybe a little bit older my parents started reading lots of Enid Blyton books to me, and consequently I started picking up on the old-fashioned English phrases. They actually have videos of me saying - 'jolly good weather outside' and 'Grandad, you silly old chap'.

    One from my 4 year old cousin in a supermarket with my aunt, which is more embarrassing than cute -
    We were in queue for the check out, and she turned to the woman behind us and said 'You're hair is pretty, just like the witch from Snow White!' She genuinely meant it as a compliment, the Disney witch reference sort of killed it though.

    And a final one from my sister (she was maybe 2/3?), looking at a picture of me, my mum, my dad and herself as a newborn still in the hospital - 'Why am I not in this, and why is Daddy holding that little piglet?'.
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    I took my little brother swimming when he was 2 or 3. I had to hold him because he couldn't actually swim yet, so I told him that if I dropped him, or if he fell in, he should close his eyes and hold his breath. After carefully instructing him, I asked him, "so what are you going to do if I drop you right now?" to which he matter-of-factly replied, "sink."
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    When I was little, I used to think the houses with 'to let' signs outside actually said 'toilet' and were people who were really kind and would let strangers use their toilet if they were bursting. Needless to say, I could never work out why when we were out and I needed to go we would never actually use one.

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    I love the piglet story, oliviasarah!

    When my brother was little, my mom was dressing him for church one Sunday morning. It must have been a special Sunday, because she put a tie on him for the first time. Wagging his finger at my mother, he said: "Oh good! Now I can go up to the front and talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!" He wanted to preach the sermon!

    Last summer, when I was 8 or so months pregnant, I at a neighbours house to say hello. Her 4 year old son said: "You're fat!" His mother tried to explain that that was rude and that I wasn't fat, there was a baby in there. To which he replied cheerfully "Baby fat!" Lol!
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    I'm pregnant and my pre-school class knows, one of my little boys looks at me and says "Are you naming the baby Fluffy?" He was so serious about it I nearly died!
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