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    Since I don't have kids I'll have to make do.

    When I was around three or four my mom took me to the store to pick something up, and there was a toy section. I kept pestering my mom for a toy, and she just kept saying no. When we got up to the line, my mom kind of snapped and said "Jamie Lynne you are not getting a toy. You may please stop asking," to which I responded, "Mommy, you're making me a headache."

    Everyone in line thought it was cute, unfortunately I still didn't get a toy.
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    This weekend my little cousins came over to our house for the day and I watched them. We were outside, playing with my dog Uno, when my six year old cousin randomly asks me if I could speak Spanish (not really sure why, but that's a kid for you). I said no, but pointed at Uno and said that his name is spanish. My cousin made a face and said, "No, his name's Uno!"
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    I was on the train a few weeks ago and it was about midnight. A few rows back I heard a mother trying to get her 3 year old to go to sleep. She was not going to cooperate. Instead she threw a tantrum screaming "iPhone mommy. iPhone!" at the top of her lungs. I just couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous the whole situation was.
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    Arlo has been a late developer and didn't really talk much untiljust before his 2nd birthday but since then he's not shut up! haha. It's been brill though-

    Recently he's taken to saying 'I too busy!!' after I ask him to do something..He said it the other night when I asked him to stop singing and try to sleep haha..

    He also says 'I do itttttt' all the time. But he does it in this really winey voice which is cute and annoying at the same time so we usually just let him do it... Unless it's trying to climb out of his highchair like he was doing this morning, of course!

    Also, after my DH talks to him sometimes, he says 'capeesh?' and the other day, Arlo said 'yeah, peesh.' ahah, it was so adorable!

    I love this age so far!
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    My second cousin (2 yrs old) is quite a talker. Her vocabulary is quite long for someone her age, and its quite amazing-I think her parents have done really well so far.

    This isn't exactly funny, but what got me the other day was when I started singing her the 'Daisy, Daisy' song she followed me word from word quite clearly. We then started singing the 'Davy, Davy' version and she surprised me by being able to say maria (pronounced Mah-rye-uh) and bicycle. Seriously kids absorb so much, its crazy.

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