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    When I taught Sunday school, I told my first grade class that we are Christians. One of my students replied, "But I thought we were mammals?" Mammals!

    Once at a restaurant, I took my 3.5 year old to the bathroom. When we returned to our booth, she announced to the dining room, "I did poop in the potty!"

    Also, tonight as I tucked my girl in bed I said, "goodnight, my princess." She indignantly replied, "I'm not a princess. I'm a regular girl!"

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    When my sister was a toddler, she loved to make people laugh (still does!). At the age of 2 or 3, she didn't understand what a knock knock joke really was so she would just make them up. "Knock knock. Who's there? Apple. Apple who? There's cereal in the kitchen." haha she just didn't understand but it was hilarious anyway.

    When I was in my teens, my best friend's little sister was only 6 or 7. Every time I'd see her she would always call me O-L-I-V-I-A because she already had a friend named Olivia. Heaven forbid she call two people Olivia, so my name only got spelled.
    And one night when I was at my friend's house, that same sister came up to me one day and said. "O-L-I-V-I-A, you need to work on your technicalities." lol How does a 6 year old know what technicalities are? Kids are sponges...

    And this isn't something she said, but as a toddler, my sister used to put her panties on her head and push her fat cheeks out of one of the leg holes. It would make my mom laugh so hard, so she did it all the time. Even in front of company.
    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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    My husbands boss was throwing a staff family BBQ, & my 3yr old son, who was obsessed with toy story at the time, walked right up to the boss & said 'Hi Stan! Do you have a Woody?'
    I tried to stifle my laugh but thought I should get to explaining his context very quickly!!

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    When I was four, I thought that being ten was the pinnacle of human existence. When you were ten, that was it––you were all grown up, you had freedom and independence, and people respected your opinions about things. Somehow I figured out that I had SIX MORE YEARS to go until I would be 10, and I just had a fit. I sat in my closet crying; I had been alive for such a long time already, 4 whole years, and I would never be able to make it 6 more. It got even worse when I realized that since my sister was 6, she only had 4 more years to go, and the injustice of it all just got to me so the tears kept coming. Then my dad came in my room because he heard me crying, and pulled me out of the closet and asked what was wrong, and I explained to him my plight between fits of despair. It's such a vivid memory for me (it was extraordinarily distressing, as you can tell), and I remember being comforted by how seriously he took me.

    It must have taken all his strength to keep a straight face...

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    My daughter, Willow, was 2.5yrs old on Feb 6th. Last week, we were driving home from the grocery store, and about to pass Starbucks, when Willow says, "Mommy, my want a coffee." I told her, "No, Willow, coffee is just for grown-ups." She says a little more desperately, "Mommy, my want a coffee!" I told her again that coffee is not for kids. She then broke down into tears, and cried the whole way home!

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