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    These are all so funny to read lol.. My niece (now six) has lived with us from the time she was 6months old, so we've had alot of laughter over things she said. A couple years ago, my niece was being a little trial and my mom goes "I want you to pick up your toys!" which my niece, who was practically raised by teenagers, replies "Yeah, and I want a pony!" talk about attitude haha!

    She also wants to be a singer and she knows alot of different songs, which she will randomly start singing...well a while ago, my sister and i were talking about a break-up she had recently. I was driving at the time, and all of a sudden you hear, in a little girl voice, "I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive...". Yeah, she loves Taylor Swift songs...but it was funny to hear that little voice bust out in that song.

    Then another thing...she was around two when this happened. I had her in my room while i was doing my homework, because I was watching her, and my other sisters came in the room with me and we were sitting on my bed together. The door was shut, and my niece randomly goes "mouth!!! mouthhhhh!!" and tried to scale up my back. Turns out the cat was trying to peek under the door and she seen his nose and whiskers and it scared her.. lol
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    My husband is 6ft 3in, and I'm only 5ft 1in. Unfortunately, our daughter inherited my petiteness and isn't an overly tall little girl. In fact, on the chart, she's quite low on the height centile for her age. She's a little pixie!

    Anyway, today, she and I were planting some flowers in the garden.

    Amelie: Mum, why are you pouring water onto the soil?
    Me: So that the flowers grow big and strong, Amelie.
    Amelie: Do you think if you poured some water out of the watering can over me, I'd grow tall and strong too?

    Melted my heart.

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    My 8 y/o little sister was getting a long talk from my mom once about something she was supposed to do but hadn't, at the end of the speech my mom asked her if she needed anything else in order to get the job done at which point my sister muttered under her breath "ear plugs"
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    At work the other day we had a couple good lines
    One girl 3 dramatically crying that she was all she was sitting in the middle of 20 other kids (this child is destined to win a Best Actress award I swear). This week the letter was Q an when asking Q words all week she said queer....omg it was terrible

    Another 3 year old said God dammit when he couldn't turn a page, too funny in his voice

    A 5 year old kept telling me that I was cracking him up LOL the best part is he is parroting back what I say all the time

    A 3 year old asked me how babies come out and before I could answer with ask your mommy. Another 4 year old answered with you gotta push it out and cut the string!

    Needless to say, I was rolling on the floor at that last one
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    I'm still a teen so obviously I have no kids lol

    My mom told me a pretty funny story (about herself when she was little). My mom was about 3 and was walking with her mom to the store in the snow. When they were in the store check-out line, my mom says to my grandma "Mommy I don't want to walk in the snow!" and my grandma said "Well we have to". My mom answers with "But I can't!" and when my grandma asked why, my mom said "Because my legs are out of commission!".

    Lol priceless

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