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    My three year old son got frustrated tonight over one of his puzzles. I was trying to help him, but he was angry, and he stamped his feet and and yelled, "I'm gonna go be BY MYSELF!" The he paused for a second, grinned at me, and said sweetly, "Want to come with me, Mommy?"
    My heart just melted!
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    Ah I hear the craziest things working with 3 to 5 year olds. Many of the best lines come from a 3 year old in the class below mine such as "I need fruit gummies because they are full of nutrients and nutrients make my brain grow" I mean wow. Today we where talking about the letter Q and reading the Q book and at the end it has more Q words one was quintuplets. So I was explaining the word using myself as a non example, I get the how do babies come ask your mom and then another student chimes in with you gotta push it out I and then cut the i died!
    And one of my all time favorites talking about F words....and yes I had one say THE F word but in such a funny way. I asked him to name a word and he said F*** and I said what?! So he said it again, of course he is right it IS an F word so I told him that and that we don't say that word it isn't nice and he looks at me and goes but, it is only an F word.....speechless
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    I was out eating the other day when a song came on in the restaurant and a little girl (three or four maybe) said, "This is my jam!" and her older brother (seven or eight) replied, "You don't even know this song." So she, of course, had to prove him wrong and started dancing in her seat and 'singing' along. When the song was almost over she said, "My jam's almost gone!" and the brother said, "Good because you're really getting on my nerves!" I could barely keep a straight face from a booth over.

    When I was three my dad had to go into work to unlock something for somebody and brought me along. I sat out in the front room with the secretary when his boss walked in to say hi and asked how I was doing. It was december and I said, "I'm doing good but I'd be better if my dad was getting a christmas bonus so I could get the toys I want." My dad heard and ran back into the room, mortified, but the boss laughed it off. We walked out with a hundred dollar bill. Apparently I'd heard him discussing christmas bonuses with my mother earlier that day.

    Lastly, the three year old girl that I babysit sometimes is always asking everyone if she can marry them. To her, being married means living together and loving each other. She's very social so she'll go up to people she's known for five minutes and ask, "Can I marry you?" It's adorable, but odd if you aren't used to it.

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    My brother would really work himself into a temper when he was little, especially if someone was laughing at him. But for him the ultimate threat (usually delivered with a red face and balled fists and flashing eyes) was "I...I...I'M GONNA POUR DRINK ON YOUR HEAD!!!"

    Which of course made everyone laugh all the harder!
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    I don't have any kids and my sister is only a couple of years younger than me so I probably wasn't old enough to appreciate anything she might have said when she was little...but I have an Aunt named Sally and when I was about two I used to call her "Auntie Salad"...

    I've just remembered - when me and Holly were little, maybe five and two or thereabouts, we went to the zoo and my sister kept calling the wallabies "wobblies" and saying "when can I stroke the wobblies?" to the amusement of quite a few passers-by
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