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    My little niece, Silke, is ready to become pregnant! (According to herself) When they were at her grandparents in the Christmas days, she would be looking at her grandpa and going: "Grandpa has big tummy. There's a baby there!" while her mother shook her head and told Silke it was just because he'd eaten too many Danish biscuits. So of course, she ran to them and began furiously eating to get a baby in her tummy. Now, she wants to feed her mother with them, so she can get a baby sister.
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    This is from a few years ago, but I remember my aunt telling us about how her 2nd boy (of three at the time) asked her why she still had her "feeds" when Toby (the baby) didn't need them anymore? So she asked what he thought she ought to do with them, and he says "cut them off"!

    Another one, my coworker moved house recently, and the kids were elsewhere for the day so they weren't in the way. When they came home to their new house that night his little boy says "look, they borrowed our couches!"
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    Today, while watching Disney Jr. With my four year old DD, there was a segment about black history month. She asked me if it was time to celebrate black History month. I told her yes, every February. She said: but I want to celebrate pink history month. Black is not my color!
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    Kids are hilarious! I remember years ago, my little niece (must have been about 4 or so at the time? I can't remember exactly) came up to me and said softly, "Auntie..." I asked her what she wanted, and she responded, "Let's get married. I'll be the man."

    I died laughing. Apparently, I was her second choice, too, after her father explained that he was already married to mommy. Lol.
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    This thread is full of cuteness. I work at a nursery, and the other day I was playing lego with a little boy (about 3), and he kept saying 'Oh robots!' in place of 'oh no', and it was so adorable!
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