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    I used to have a little boy in my preschool class who was extremely active but also very adorable. We were lined up at the bathroom one day with another class and the other teacher, frustrated that this boy kept getting out of line, asked him, "What part of stand still do you not understand?" He looked up at her, completely innocently, and responded, "I don't know, but some part!"

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    I may have already posted in here but have another thing lol. I help out in our church's nursery and yesterday my sisters and i each had a baby in our arms, feeding them bottles. One 4-yr-old boy was in there, and this little guy can be quite a handful at times. He was irritated at the babies for crawling by him so he stood there glaring at the babies while we fed them. He asked my sister "why is that baby looking at me right now?". My sister said "well, he's just a baby. He's not trying to bug you, he just is looking around." The boy didn't skip a beat...he responded "Well, that and I am handsome!" :P

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    A few stories from me
    1. A little boy at my mums daycare named Lincoln and there is an eiffel tower photo in my mums bedroom and my sister was asking him where it was it went out of control from there.
    Adele: Lincoln wheres the eiffel tower?
    Lincoln: In Paris

    Adele: Wheres the great wall of China?
    Lincoln: In Paris
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    My cousin Silke says the weirdest thing and she's 2 years old. One day she came home from Daycare, looked at her parents and said; "I wanna be a big brother." my aunts boyfriend couldn't stop laughing!
    Another thing she does, is when something isn't they way she want it, she starts saying; "Stop, Elizabeth, stop!" and if my mom wants her to stop playing and have dinner (we eat together every week) she says "Last time auntie."
    Oh and this Thursday we were babysitting her and I have a friend, who lives in the Danish Capital (4 hours away) and Silke associate this girl, Alice, with me. She goes out in the kitchen, looking serious and just starts saying something like this; "Home to Aliss, with train. Remember crackers and lemonade, Elizabeth!" then she walks in the living room screaming "MICKEY!" Crazy little girl. ^^
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    A four year old's attempt at a knock knock joke:

    Jade: Knock knock
    Me: who's there?
    Jade: Banana who who wasn't an orange!
    Me: *scratches head*

    At her preschool there is a scooter I told her not to use (it only has two wheels and Jade is rather uncoordinated) Jade tells her teacher: "My mom told me not to do this, but I'm gonna do it anyway, because it's fun!"

    Also, her uncle was teasing her, saying he would steal her piggy bank.
    Jade: No, Uncle Steven! I have to save it for college!
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