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    My daughter says some very amusing things. I even made a blog about it:
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    My mother told me this story about when I was about 3 y.o. and we had been out for a walk and I must have been getting tired and I said to my mother, " My little legs are getting all puffed out".(puffed out meaning tired).


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    Aw, Sheila, your blog is adorable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviasarah View Post
    Aw, Sheila, your blog is adorable!
    What a wonderful idea to diary our children's sayings. I suggest we then have it bound for them when they are older as a keepsake.


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    (In the context of discussing homework set by her French tutor)

    Me: Where do croissants come from Georgia?
    G: Sainsburys
    Me: Where do Sainburys get the croissants from?
    G: Ummmm, the Queen?
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