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    Samuel Arthur, Theordore James, Oscar Henry and Tobias Winston

    Hello :-)

    I am only collecting for the future, but really interested in what you think about these names :-)

    Samuel Arthur
    Theodore James
    Oscar Henry
    Tobias Winston

    Thank you very much :-)

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    Apr 2012
    Absolutely LOVE Samuel Arthur, Theodore James and Oscar Henry! So classic and handsome!

    Not as keen on Tobias Winston. Tobias is fine -although I like Toby better- but Winston still sounds like an old man name to me.

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    I love Theodore James (although I don't like initial names and would be worried about T.J.) and Oscar Henry. I've never been crazy on Tobias, although it's better than Toby, which just seems weak to me. Samuel is me, it's a bit more blah than the rest. I really like Winston and Arthur -- Arthur Samuel and Winston Tobias are great!

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    Those are handsome combos. My definite favorite is Samuel Arthur. My second favorite is Theodore James. Mixing and matching, I also like Samuel James and Theodore Henry.
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    Samuel Arthur is fabulous, I love it. Oscar Henry is a cool combo too, the spunky ness of Oscar pairs nicely with the seriousness of Henry. The other two combos I don't personally care for, but they flow well.

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