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Thread: "Real names"

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    Kayleigh a combination of two trendy sounds into a two-syllable, ends-in-lee format. Although it may sound like other names or words, it doesn't really have much of an etymology beyond that. I don't like the term "real names" either, but I do understand why people use it. I have to reject your claim that "all names were made up at some point." In reality, names evolved over time from earlier, similar forms through translation and changing cultural and linguistic practices. Some names have histories that can be traced hundreds or even thousands of years in the past, occasionally even to some of the earliest forms of written language. I find this history beautiful and fascinating. Isis, for example, can be traced back 4500 years, and probably existed in some form even further back than that. It's evolved over time to become what it is- it certainly wasn't Isis, I-S-I-S, in its earliest stage. I would love having a name that had that kind of history, knowing that my name has existed almost as far back as we can accurately trace language. If I sat down and said, "hey, Bree is a nice sound, and Lynn is a nice sound, I'll name my daughter Breelynn," it wouldn't have the same kind of depth that Isis has, in my opinion. No name I can ever come up with will equal 4500+ years of history.

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    Yes, all names are real. I think the term "real name' is used to convey "established name."
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    'established name' sounds so much better to me. And yes even names that have a long history and traceable Etymology can be considered 'made up'. The very first name ever, someone had to come up with that, even if they just took them from words that meant something. I usually prefer established names, as most modern trendy names sound silly to me, but I have also heard 'made up' names that sound very pretty to me.
    and let me tell you, it is not fun hearing that your name isn't real. My name is Lorelei which was very rare when I was growing up. I either heard
    "That is so beautiful"
    "Well that's....different"
    "That isn't even a real name. were your parents dumb"

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    I think "real names" are names that have a history of being used as names, it also has something to do with spelling. I have a friend that wants to name her baby, Lytle. What the hell is that? There are names that I just don't like (Reuben, Bartholomew, Rebecca, Danielle, etc.) and there are just stupid "names" (Neaveah, Lytle, etc.)

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    I agree that 'established name' is a more accurate title. Mclola, I'm sorry people were rude to you about your name growing up. They were the idiots, though, because Lorelei has quite an established history as a name. It's a beautiful name and I even like the myth behind it. The Marilyn Monroe character doesn't hurt either.
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