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Thread: "Real names"

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    Pamela was a name made up by a 16th century novelist. Some scholars think he might have been referring to a couple of Greek roots, but no one contests that it was completely made up by this one man. Yet after hundreds of years, it's an established name,largely by virtue of its age. Other names, like the Saxon name Cerdic, were once very common, but have fallen out of use. Only time will tell whether Jaden and Nevaeh survive to be regarded as established names.

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    I feel the same!! i actually have said weren't all names at one point 'made up'!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ali_o View Post
    I think "real names" are names that have a history of being used as names, it also has something to do with spelling. I have a friend that wants to name her baby, Lytle. What the hell is that? There are names that I just don't like (Reuben, Bartholomew, Rebecca, Danielle, etc.) and there are just stupid "names" (Neaveah, Lytle, etc.)
    Lytle is an established Scottish surname dating back to the early 1200s in recorded history. It is certainly not in the same boat as Nevaeh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicioustrollop9 View Post
    Lytle is an established Scottish surname dating back to the early 1200s in recorded history. It is certainly not in the same boat as Nevaeh.
    I think this conversation brings up a great point--there are all sorts of names out there that sound "made up" to some people, but actually have historical roots. I happen to have one of them. When I was growing up, most baby name books didn't have my name in them, and some of them declared that my name was a "modern, invented" name. It was my interest in the legitimate history of my own name that made me the baby-name addict that I am today.

    I do think it's sad that some parents feel the need to give their children a name, "just because it sounds good", especially if it is completely made up without any meaning or history...but in a way, I have similar feelings when people pick an "established" name just because they like the sound of it. I think most children are better of with a name that has some substance--or at least, a story.

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    I'm an Olivia, and Shakespeare originally made up my name for a character. However, before that there weren't any Olivia's but there were lots of girls named Livia, so I guess it's really just a progression of one name becoming another.

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