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Thread: "Real names"

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    "Real names"

    why do people use the term "Real Names". I'm not trying to start drama. I'm genuinely curious. All names were 'made up' at some point in time and isn't any name a person gives their child real, as in it exists and is not imaginary.

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    I don't know. My mum uses the term "proper names" which I suppose is the same as "real names", maybe it's a generation thing? I honestly don't know, but it does annoy me also, i think it's a shame if a child overhears their name not being called "real" or "proper", imagine what that would do to their self-confidence!
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    Real names have a history of being used as names and have an etymology. Made up names do not. There is no meaning in the name Jayden. It's made up, it has no meaning.

    Putting a few of your favorite sounds together doesn't make a name a name. It makes it a few sounds put together that you call your child.
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    Names were not 'made up', at least not many of them. They came from something before them and developed naturally over time. They are from specific language elements that have specific meanings.

    Made up names: Fiona. Written as a character in the 1700s I think? So fairly recently. However, it's a very logical feminization of Fionn, and it has had plenty of usage since.

    Lots of Shakespeare names. Again, he made up names for characters. However, he did so using existing name elements, not random sounds, so they can be said to have a meaning. And they have, once again, had lots of usage since.

    Kaylee, Jaycelee, Jailyn, they are really just sounds. No history, no meaning. I suppose there are people who like that in a name.

    And despite all of this, I wouldn't use the phrases 'real name' or 'not a real name'. It sounds a bit condescending when obviously Paelynn is someone's name, even if it's devoid of entymological history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mei_mei View Post
    Kaylee, Jaycelee, Jailyn, they are really just sounds. No history, no meaning. I suppose there are people who like that in a name.
    Kayleigh is an Anglicism of the Scots Gaelic word Ceilidh (pronounced the same) I believe

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