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    Sibling for Elanor Lucille

    New here!

    We're not sure whether we're having a boy or girl, but we're having a hard time coming up with a boys name to go with our daughter, Elanor Lucille (we call her Ellie most of the time). We liked Maxwell (nn Max) for awhile, but I recently fell in love with Freddy. Not sure if it will be a nn for Frederick or Alfred or something else. The only thing I'm having a hard time with is whether or not Ellie and Freddy go together well. Thoughts? Opinions?

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    I really like Max. It's cute and fun and can be a nickname for a more serious name. I'm not a fan of Freddy, but I like Frederick a lot. Elanor and Frederick really compliment each other, in my opinion. I don't suppose Fred is an option? Ellie and Fred?

    Nathan or Nathaniel would be good with Elanor, too. Ellie and Nate is very cute, and Nathaniel has that old-timey feel to it.

    What about...
    Calvin (Cal is so cute! Cal and Ellie?)
    Teen writer with a name obsession...
    Orson Augustus or Calvin Nathaniel
    Astrid Valentine or Edith Penelope
    Orson, Calvin, Astrid, Edith

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