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    I'd limit myself to three. Right this second I'd call them:

    Girls: Aira Rose Adelaide, Eilidh Clara Valentine and Bridie Scarlett Viola.

    Boys: Joseph Rory Michael, Edmond John Meirion and August Eli Benedict. (Jory, Ned and Gusto)
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    I would have as many children as I could afford. But realistically I would like five. If they were all boys I'd be so happy as I really want boys - they'd be; Tobias Henry, Isaac Amadeus, Sebastian James, Sidney Alexander, and Edmund Tempest. Five girls on the other hand would be a nightmare (naming wise) they'd possibly be; Melody Marie, Georgina Grace, Lucia Skye, Arianna Ember, and Summer Alexandra.
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    I have a girl and a boy, in that order, and that's actually most of the way to the family I imagined myself having since I was in college. I'd love to have 2 girls and a boy in the order girl, boy, girl. So, I guess that puts my limit at 3, but if the last pregnancy were twins, I don't think I'd complain but we'd certainly stop after that .

    All girls: Arabella Nicole, Clara Hermione, Rosalind Lyra, Theodora Alice
    All boys: Jude Alexander, Theodore August, Dashiell Noah, Ezra Samuel

    Would I be disappointed if I didn't get the gender set I want? No, I don't think so. I'd imagine it's hard to be upset about anything when you have your sweet little baby in front of you. It won't really matter if we have another girl or boy.
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    I'd love to have four children, but my husband would rather have 3.
    If I did have four though their names would be:

    Thatcher Dawson Lee
    Lincoln John Sparrow
    Jasper Robert Reid
    Alexander Harold Shaw, "Xander"

    Winifred Ivy Lynne, "Fred"
    Dorothea Brier Pearl, "Dot"
    Bridget Georgia June, "Bridie"
    Henrietta Olive Erin, "Etta"

    I'd like to have one of each, but other than that the gender doesn't matter to me.

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    Bridie; Jocelyn; Winifred

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    I think I want three kids.
    Today I think I'd name them...
    Girls: Aurelia, Lorelei and Illyria
    Boys: Victor, Alaric and Erich

    Ideally I'd have two boys followed by a girl: Victor, Alaric and Lorelei.
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