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    Quote Originally Posted by afamousstatue View Post
    Southern, yes I said a few posts back that I am completely sold on the correct spelling of Bravery. I saw it originally spelled Braverie (to feminize it) and that is why I posted that.
    Whoops! Didn't catch that before. Sorry then.

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    Bravery (or Courage, for that matter) is a very strong quality that not all people grow up to have.

    Many names that are used in my circles are 'virtue' names, just in another language. If a girl's name is Adina [sweet] or Ahuva [beloved], Naava [pleasant], Tova [good], Yaffa [beautiful], it is nice if that describes her as a child, but it is understood that the virtue wished upon a child at birth is one that we want them to be as adults. A child is a child for only a short bit of his/her life. He/She is meant to grow into it as an adult and life with it his/her whole life.

    It is rare that a person grows up and is not have some of these basic, good qualities which can be interpreted in many ways. However, while Bravery is very strong and positive, it is an intense virtue to carry. It's also straightforward, and I can see a child/young adult being chastised for a name like this if he/she doesn't live up to it.

    There were some great recommendations on this thread that may be better choices for you.

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Don't like it, boy or girl. But the actress Cree Summer has a daughter named Brave. I prefer that over Bravery

    As others have said, it's a lot to live up to. It makes me think of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Imagine the ridicule a timid child named Bravery would get

    I like the suggestion of Reverie. It's a beautiful, ethereal name

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    If you want to use it, spell it correctly. I think it works nicely for your family and being a word, it doesn't have a gender, so it's fine for a girl.

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    I also fail to see why Grace or Faith is OK but not something like Bravery? I also fail to understand why it's bad to give a child aspirations and inspiration via their name? Who cares if they don't "live up" to it, it's still something to aspire to and work towards.

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