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    Not spelling Bravery right doesn't make it more feminine, it makes it spelled wrong. Bravery for a girl would be perfect for what you're looking for. I don't suggest using it if you're going to spell it any other way. Would you love your name as much spelled Lybertie??

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    Call me a nerd, but all I can think of is the Pokemon Braviary when I see that as a name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeska View Post
    In honesty, I don't like it. For boy or girl, either spelling.

    It's just too much to live up to. Nobody has to demonstrate 'liberty' or 'honor' on a daily basis, but I think the name 'Bravery' would be a cross to bear every time you were afraid of something, or feeling cautious...know what I mean?
    This is how I feel too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    Noooo way. It's a misspelled word that doesn't work as a name.

    There are some nice word names out there that have a history of being used as such. I really like Amity, Felicity, Constance or Honor for you. Blythe would also be pretty.
    I agree with Philomena. Felicity and Blythe are lovely. Somebody also suggested Temperance, Constance and Verity which are lovely.

    Serenity is another one.

    The thing I don't like about Bravery (The Braverie spelling is just terrible!) is that it would be a hard name for a shy, timid, easily frightened child to have. If my parents had named me Bravery, it would have been terrible because I am not very brave and when I was a little girl I was a complete chicken.
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    I knew of a Polish woman with the name Honorata, and I think that's a lovely name (first 'a' is short)

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