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    I love the Spanish pronunciation of Gabriel. Seriously beautiful.

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    Emanuel, Marco and Mateo are probably the best, most familiar for Americans. That being said, I actually really like all of the naes you mentioned, and Marco and Mateo are by far my favorites. I noticed someone else's idea of Diego and I think that's a great choice as well.
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    Quote Originally Posted by beccachan View Post
    We are a Caucasian-American family but my husband spent a few years living in Mexico, and we'd like to honor that part of our adopted culture. We're looking for something Hispanic that will be easy for our all-English family to handle.

    Everyone was so helpful when I asked my general question about international naming, so I thought I'd gather some thoughts on our current list!


    Thoughts? Any other ideas?
    I lived in Mexico for 2 years, recently.
    Those aren't all the most common names for Mexican kids. I worked as a teacher. Never heard Leandro, Marcelo, or Elian. Never met a Mateo but I know it's a latino name and I love it!

    Again, love Mateo. No rolled rs to worry about, yet Latino and biblical and not too popular - at least from my experience.

    If you want to really go with the culture an be unique, give him 2 names and call him both. I never saw that until I went to Mexico, with kids an adults like Luis Fernando, Marco Antonio, Luis Miguel (that's a famous singer too), Juan Carlos, Miguel Angel, Angel Manuel, and more. Just throwing that idea out there for your creative mind but I totally understand if you want an American middle name or a first name that isn't so common.

    Can I add Elias to your list?
    I met someone in Mexico with this name - the Spanish version of Elijah. Love both pronunciations.

    Mateo is the best though IMO

    Marco in second.
    And since we're in the Spanish bible, what about Lucas? That's Luke.

    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    Just a word of caution. Emanuel usable and common in Latino communities, but I've seen it rub some non-Latinos the wrong way. If you aren't considering Jesus, I wouldn't use Emanuel either. Manuel is great though and there are some great suggestions here without crossover baggage.

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    I love Emanuel.

    I also love or have on my own list or did at one time before my husband chewed my list up:
    Angel (but there's the pronunciation issue)

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