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    I like a lot of your list. My husband is Hispanic and our children have Spanish names that have one pronunciation in English and Spanish, so I have thought about these kinds of names a lot.

    Leandro - We considered this for one of our kids. My family (non-Spanish speakers) felt the le-an sounded feminine, a la Leanne, but I would think they would say the same for Leander. I think this name is very handsome.
    Marcelo - I suggested this name at one point, but for my husband this is a very dated name, similar to suggesting Todd or Kurt for a baby today, so it was nixed.
    Emmanuel - In Spanish you would spell it with one m. Manuel is also a nice, traditional name. Both give the cute nn Manu.
    Elian - As others have said, I can only think of Elian González.
    Marco - I like this name a lot and it is very international.
    Mateo - This is also nice, as is Matías.

    Others you might like are Lisandro, Mariano, Maximo, Eliseo, Tadeo, Pedro, or Tomás. I like the previous suggestions of Javier, Joaquin, Rafael and Alejandro. And I tried to suggest Pascual for our first baby - I think it is so cute - but my husband thought I was nuts!

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    I really like Mateo, with Leandro my second pick.

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    My favorite cross over names are Aaron, Adrian, and Emilio. But Matteo and Marco are great as well. I know a Marcos as well, so that's an option. You really can't go wrong, most of the names on your list are so handsome.
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    Thanks everyone for the insights! I especially appreciated the comments about how these names are actually perceived in Mexico, since I have no idea and we'll probably end up living there at one point.

    I love the suggestions for Joaquin, Mauricio, Reuben, Horacio (no good nickname though...), and Javier/Javi.

    And it's too bad my suspicions for Elian were confirmed... It's all Elian Gonzales... But I still adore the name. But no matter -- so many good things to choose from!

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    rosamonte, I'm so curious what names you ended up going with!

    It's interesting to think about how names are thought of in any particular culture. For example I have always loved the name Pilar but I have heard from my Argentinian friends that it's considered a very old fashioned name.

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