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    Mine is not a "cute" story either.

    Divorced for the second time and just ended an internet "relationship" with a guy in Australia my best friend decided I needed to met real flesh and blood guys. She worked in a truck stop and kept finding me truck drivers to meet. I went on a couple of dates that did not go anywhere and then she arranged for my Dad and I to come to dinner and the truck stop. Well the guy she wanted me to meet didn't show so the next time she sent him to my house.

    He was a 41 year old that had never been in a serious relationship. Yikes! But he is solid all the way through. His Dad died when Lou was 17 and he took care of him Mom, he works hard and he is steady.

    I actually made lists about what I liked aout him and what I didn't and could I live with it. Did I mention he was 41 and had habits set in concrete? LOL

    When he proposed I was not in love with him and tried to leave the room because I did not know if I could do the whole married thing again, but I said yes.

    I was following him through town one day (I cant remember why we were in separate cars) when I got this gooey mushy feeling thing and realized I loved him. HA Took long enough. We have been married 13 years and I still love him. Amazing.

    He also adopted my daughter and has been her Dad like the ex never was.
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    Mine seems boring compared to so many of these! I met my husband when I was 20, over the summer when I was home from uni. I had one year left to go, and wasn't really thinking about getting into a serious relationship. We started dating (after meeting at a church event) and it was fun. Then we sort-of did the long-distance thing, when I went back to uni, talking on the phone once a week and emailing. After I graduated, I moved back close where he lived to find a job, and we kept dating. After another year, he proposed, and we got married and moved to London together while I started an MA. He's now working on an MSc and we've been married for about 20 months.

    But it's funny- thinking about it, I can actually remember quite a bit of our first meeting, even though it was almost four years ago. I thought he was really cute, and he and his brother (they're twins) tried to make me play Scrabble with them, which is a game I hate. Our first 'date' (wasn't really a date) evolved from having tons of people over to my house, and he stayed late, chatting to me and my sister (who is 7 years younger than me) and eventually watching Harry Potter with us. The next day we went on our first real date, and things kept falling apart (like, two different places not being open even though they were supposed to we kept driving to somewhere new...ha.) Anyway, fun to think about. We both agree there are times we miss that exciting, beginning-of-a-new relationship phase, but marriage is mostly really great.
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    I'm a single mom with 2 kids. I have a boyfriend currently who also happens to be the father of my son.

    I met my daughters dad in high school. We were in a few classes together. We started hangin out on group dates, then dated on our own. I was at the time foolish enough to think that we would be together forever so we had Joely. Or should I say that I had Joely.

    I met Arlos dad at the place that I work. He works the night shift I work the day shift. We used to talk a lot before be started and after I left. Then we would purposely take the extra time and then we had Arlo. So far we are still together though at this stage in my life I have realized that this may not be forever.
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    I met my husband Nick at a party at 6th form. My twin Joe really fancied his sister Valerie so he dragged me to the party. Nicholas opened the door and my brother immediately abandoned me and I was terrified. I wandered around by myself for a bit then some drunk idiots started hovering around me. I was about to leave when Nick came and told them to piss off. I spent the rest of the night chatting with him and his friends. Sadly Joe did not end up with Val- considering she is four year older than him and already had a boyfriends at the time. We are al great friends now and my life couldn't be better

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    Mine is definitely far from traditional:

    I met my BF when his best friend and I were in psychiatric hospitalization together. We discovered we had a bunch of mutual friends, and spent three months dating. I wasn't really in a place for anything serious, and it didn't last. We both went away for the summer, and when we got back got together again really briefly. But I was commuting to school and working, and he was working long hours, had moved an hour away, and didnt have a car at the time, so it just didnt go anywhere.

    Then I found out I was pregnant. We decided to just stay friends at that point, but we hung out a lot during my pregnancy. As I got closer to my due date, we did baby stuff together, and he kept finding excuses to come over.

    On my due date he told me he loved me. I told him he was just saying that because of the baby coming. But the next day I realized if something happened to one of us and I never told him how I felt it'd be horrible. He didn't say it again, though, and I was afraid he didn't mean it.

    A week later I went into labor. At the hospital he told me he wanted to be together. So far it's only been 2 months, but we've been really happy together. I don't know if we'll be this happy together forever, but I love him a lot and think we stand a pretty good chance.
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